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Enhance Your Payment Power

Do you need payment services for a small or medium – sized business? Or perhaps for an online or physical store? Are you in a high – risk industry? Our all-in-one solution includes a wide range of customized features and services designed to meet all your payment needs.

Gateway technology

  • Connect to nearly 200 global banks, acquirers, payment service providers and third-party platforms
  • Scale seamlessly to new locations through a single integration
  • Improve payment performance at each location through local service providers
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Global card processing

  • Connect securely to all major credit cards through a single platform
  • Minimize declines by connecting with local cards at various sites
  • Reduce costs by optimizing interchange fees
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eCommerce payments

  • Offer seamless checkout on all digital devices
  • Securely save customer details for a seamless payment process
  • Create personalized customer experiences by tracking customers’ online preferences
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Mini websites

  • Set up product pages with pictures and your own branding
  • Offer a wide range of payment options on each product page with a single click
  • Create a one-stop-shop shopping experience without website construction and maintenance costs
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Multiple payment options

  • Inspire trust with a wide range of payment methods including e-wallets, debit cards and vouchers
  • Enhance the customer experience with familiar currency and payment methods at every location
  • Increase transparency by displaying real-time currency conversion rates
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Billing management

  • Use our platform to send invoices, track changes to subscriptions, and customize sales taxes
  • Securely store recurring billing data to ensure prompt subscription payments
  • Analyze data reports to boost subscription sales and streamline payment processes
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