Safely Scale Your Business

Powered by years of experience and the most innovative technologies, we are well aware that each industry has its own specific payment requirements. SettleMe provides customized payment solutions to a wide range of industries and enterprises in order to streamline payments and cut processing fees. Whether your enterprise is large or small, low or high-risk, SettleMe has the perfect solution for all your payment needs.

Low-risk industries


Senior care, direct sales, drop-shipping, service business, software development, book stores, home goods, office supplies, online apparel

 Medium-risk industries


E-wallets, hosting, web design, businesses with EU licenses (Forex)

High-risk industries


Gambling, lotto, hospitality, timeshares, travel agencies, airline tickets, pharmaceuticals, telemarketing, dating services, health and beauty

High-risk industries often offer subscription-based products, large advanced payments for delayed services, and cyclical sales. They may typically suffer from high chargeback rates, significant credit card fraud, or do business in countries with high fraud levels.

Our platform features advanced fraud management capabilities and other security tools, which ensure safe payment processes even in high-risk industries.

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