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How to Promote Your Online Business with Pop-Up Shops

How to Promote Your Online Business with Pop-Up Shops 

Pop-up shops involve the temporary use of a physical site to generate greater interaction with customers, arouse interest in new products, create a sense of urgency, and increase brand awareness. As an e-commerce retailer, you may have online stores all over the world, but you could be missing out on many shoppers who prefer personal interaction with sales staff and the ability to try out or touch a product. 

How to get started

Your website has accumulated a good deal of actionable data about your customers’ whereabouts, shopping habits, leisure preferences and more. While your pop-up shop is only temporary, location and timing are key elements to consider. Open it somewhere you know many of your customers are likely to frequent. Choose a tempting theme – for example, build your shop around special holiday offerings or a new product launch. 

What are your location options?

A store-within-a-store

This option saves a lot of hard work and money involved in searching for suitable properties, hiring lawyers, acquiring permits, and adapting existing spaces to your specific needs. Generally, you should look for a store that complements your brand and whose products are compatible to yours. You benefit from the shop’s existing footfall and the ability to reach your target audience. Sometimes, you can promote sales by setting up joint offers that include the shop owner’s products and your own.

Shopping mall

A shopping mall offers huge exposure and foot traffic. Presence in a mall helps to promote familiarity among mall visitors and even brand loyalty. You might consider renting a kiosk or booth in a highly visible spot, and display products you are trying to promote. There is also the more costly possibility of renting store space for a limited period of time. 

Pop-up vacant space

Pop-up vacant spaces are built to meet your needs, and operators understand how the pop-up system works. These options are very popular and are often booked well in advance. This means that availability may not sync with your dates or promotion goals. Nevertheless, customers like to follow what kind of shop will be opening up next, so it may pay to be patient.

Street level space

If you find a vacant space on street level in the vicinity you are seeking, you may be able to reach your specific demographic more easily. However, not all real-estate agents are willing to rent out properties for short periods. In addition, you may be forced to invest in equipment and modifications that will only serve you for a short period of time. Nevertheless, the possibility of enforcing your brand is strong at this type of location.

How do you measure success?

You can track pop-up store conversions, average purchases, foot traffic and other metrics, and compare it all to your online traffic data. You can even track the impact of your pop-up store on your website sales. 

As in the pop-up model you have live contact with your customers, you can actually see how they react to new products, special offers and displays, and interact with them personally. You can also check if texting them about specials while they are in-store boosts sales. Most important of all, you can determine if you are actually reaching your defined demographic and gauge how your chosen audience is responding to your brand.


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