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Guest Wi-Fi Provides a Treasure Trove of Customer Data

In the hospitality, food and other physical retail industries, personalized service is one of main keys to success. In order to customize your offerings according to the consumer or guest’s preferences, you need data about his or her behavior on your premises. 

Free guest Wi-Fi is one of the best ways to acquire data, and Wi-Fi analytics provides you with crucial analysis of traffic patterns, which products and services sell the most, and who your customers actually are. 

Assess behavioral patterns 

By offering free guest Wi-Fi in hotels, restaurants and malls, you can acquire crucial information such as the number of visitors, new vs. veteran customers, most popular items/services, where customers spent the most time, and which websites they visit when using your Wi-Fi service.

If you have a chain of stores, hotels or restaurants, you can compare various locations, assess the performance level of each, and replicate successful aspects in the less popular sites. You can also gauge the busiest times of the year at each location, and offer special discounts to loyal customers when business is slow. This data can also help to determine how much staff is needed at different times. 

Become acquainted with your customers

For several years now, online retailers have been using smart data to analyze customer behavior and shopping patterns in order to personalize customer experiences. Guest Wi-Fi analysis now enables brick-and-mortar retailers and hotel or restaurant owners to do the same. When visitors register for guest Wi-Fi, you can acquire their email addresses, names, age, the device they are using, and more personal data.

After studying their preferences, you can send them messages with customized special offers or invitations to special events that are of interest to them. For example, if a return customer has visited the hotel spa in the past, offer a discount on a massage. The same applies to a veteran guest at a restaurant who has a standing order. Send a discount or birthday coupon for a favorite meal. After receiving permission, you can also email a newsletter announcing special events and promotions at your venue, and grade the success of each event. 

Track customer flow

Malls can use this data to assess and increase customer flow. The Seaway mall installed 12 free Wi-Fi access points, enabling management to track customer movement, and how long visitors stayed in each store. Data showed where customers headed after organized events, and at which locations events are better attended. Accumulated data can even be used to negotiate terms for leasing various stores according to their locations. 

Once 5G is up and running, innovative technologies and even stronger networks will enable the development of new use cases for Wi-Fi. But even as it stands today, Wi-Fi in physical businesses contains a treasure trove of data just waiting to be tapped.


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