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5 Tips on How to Use Instagram to Boost Online Sales

Everyone accepts that social media is one of the most effective marketing tools available today. It is also a known fact that most consumers, especially Millennials and Gen Zs, lack the patience to read lengthy promotional texts and they often find traditional ads unconvincing.  

That is why visual marketing and videos have become the most popular social media channels and are an ideal marketing medium. Instagram is a social media platform based on images and videos. Attractive product pictures can attract buyers, tell your brand’s story, and generate a loyal following.

How can you use Instagram successfully?

Over 25 million businesses have Instagram profiles and 70% of users check Instagram once a day. Instagram is not just a showcase for pictures, it is a place to interact with customers and actively engage new followers. 

  • Use top quality photos to tell a story

The concept is not only to promote your products with great images but engage your audience with your story. Show images that will increase follower engagement with your brand and make your short captions enticing and meaningful. 

  • Create engaging videos

Instagram videos enable you to convey a deeper message than single images. While they are only 15 seconds long, clever videos can describe your brand values, pique interest, and convey customer approval.

  • Utilize hashtags to increase engagement

Hashtags can be used to find relevant Instagram visitors in your particular vertical. Apply hashtags that are brand and industry specific, as well as trending hashtags, to increase your following. Upon creating a product post, it can potentially be viewed by all of your followers, or any individual who searches or follows the hashtags you use.  

  • Interact with your followers

By using Instagram Direct, you can actively interact with your followers and turn them into brand ambassadors. On your page, allow your followers to ask questions and be sure to respond. Mention commenters in your photos to further increase engagement. Offer coupons and discounts to loyal followers. At the same time, like and comment on photos posted by users to attract more followers.

  • Connect to your Facebook profile

If you are already selling via Facebook, connect your Instagram and Facebook profiles to boost sales across channels. While Instagram can be engaging, it is based primarily on visuals with very little text. Facebook provides content, increased exposure and the ability to transition directly to your website. By connecting the two platforms, you can boost sales and increase brand awareness. 

New Instagram shopping features

Instagram is currently in the test stage of a Shopping channel on Explore.This feature will be available to users who have previously browsed certain products. Instagram also announced recently that is working on a feature called “Checkout.” Currently in the beta testing stage, this function will enable shoppers to make payments directly on product pages without leaving Instagram. This offering will constitute a major improvement over the previous pop-up web view of the merchant’s website, which generated frustration and abandonment at the final purchase stage.


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