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4 Videos That Will Boost Your Sales

The average reading span on the Internet is about 8 seconds these days, meaning that you may might not finish this article. Despite the fact that it contains some pretty good advice about sales videos.

Are you still here? Great! As an online merchant, you need to grab your customers’ attention and convince them to purchase your products. One of the best ways is through video, and here’s why: Video content is shared 12 times more than static images on social media and 85% of consumers are more likely to buy a product or a service after watching a sales video. Videos also tend to boost conversion rates between 15% and 75%.

General video tips:

Use the right tone

When deciding to go with video, you must first be aware that there are various kinds of videos that serve different purposes. Aside from the core message of your video, you must also consider who your audience is. For example, the tone and “plot” you will strive for in a video for sports enthusiasts will show live action and excitement, in comparison to a smart and sophisticated tone you would use if you’re a Saas services company. 

Choose the right channels

Aside from achieving the right tone, you must also choose your distribution channels carefully. If your audience is young, you might opt for Snapchat as the ideal site for airing. If your audience is older and more sophisticated, Facebook may be more appropriate. Instagram is about lifestyle and places a one-minute limit on videos, so this channel would be inappropriate for more than a very short niche video. Keep in mind that If you upload a video to YouTube you can embed it into a variety of platforms.

Apply analytics

You can measure the success of your videos with various third-party tracking solutions. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube offer user engagement data. Using this data, you can see which audience responded best to it. If you see that a certain segment did not respond well, you can tweak the video to better suit their taste. 

Videos that boost sales:

Now that you know that the tone and channels must be customized for your particular audiences, and are aware of the ability to analyze engagement, let’s take a look at the types of videos that work best when seeking to boost sales:

Educational videos

One of the best ways to boost your brand is by providing an educational video. People love “how to” videos and appreciate good advice, which they often share with their peers. Focus on the problem you are solving for your for customers rather than on your product’s technical specifications. The aim here is long-term – the next time your prospective customer needs a solution, they may well remember your video and seek out your product.

FAQ videos

Prospective customers usually have a set of questions that repeat themselves across the board. By uploading a user-friendly video which offers concise answers to frequently asked questions, you are resolving a good deal of their doubts and inspiring trust. You are there for them, addressing their issues and actively meeting their needs.

Email marketing videos

Targeted email marketing can be extremely effective, and adding an earmarked video can increase your ROI tremendously. Rather than the usual boring email with bullet points, be creative and address your customer’s specific pain points via video. Customize the video to the relevant stage of your sales funnel. This kind of personal interaction increases trust and makes your mutual relationship more dynamic.

“Tell a story” videos

Telling a story about your brand humanizes it and generates personal interest. There are many sorts of storytelling videos: You can describe how you came up with the idea of a specific product and share tips on how to use it. You can talk about the humble beginnings of your business and how it developed into what it is today. You can also choose to tell your personal story and explain why you were motivated to help people with your product. Video storytelling piques interest and actively engages your customers on an individual level.


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